A Pao Hostel & Motobikes

After a long journey to Moc Chau, the Hostel at A Pao will be the most suitable choice for you – a modern, cozy hostel offering a vibrant atmosphere for a delightful stay. Our reliable motorbike rental service ensures flexible and safe exploration of this enchanting destination.

Experience quality bikes, regularly maintained for your journey’s utmost comfort and security.

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A Pao Hostel: Your Cozy Retreat in Moc Chau

a pao hostel

Modern Comfort

A Pao Hostel offers modern amenities and facilities, ensuring guests’ comfort during their stay.

a pao hostel

Reliable Services

Catering to your needs, our hostel offers reliable services, including convenient motorbike rentals for exploring scenic Moc Chau.

a pao hostel

Affordable Pricing

A Pao Hostel offers budget-friendly accommodation options without compromising on comfort.

Reception desk [24 hours]

Free Wi-Fi

Air conditioning

Check-in/Check-out [Fast]

A Pao Hostel

A Pao Hostel is conveniently situated near tourist attractions, offering guests easy access to explore the area comfortably and quickly. You can rest comfortably and conveniently reach various tourist destinations from our location.

Parking and Wi-Fi are always complimentary, allowing you to stay connected and move freely at your convenience. Situated centrally in Moc Chau, this property offers proximity to thrilling attractions and dining choices. With a 4-star rating, this high-quality accommodation grants guests access to both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, along with an on-site restaurant.

  • Car park
  • Check-in/Check-out [Fast]
  • Keep your luggage
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms!
  • Reception desk [24 hours]
  • Clean, comfortable
  • Private bathroom
  • Check-in/Check-out [Fast]

The Pao Hostel epitomizes convenience in every aspect of its offerings.

The hostel’s design seamlessly integrates comfort and functionality, ensuring that every guest enjoys a hassle-free stay. From its thoughtfully laid out common areas to the well-equipped shared spaces, convenience takes center stage.

motorbike rental moc chau

Motorbike Rental Moc Chau

From scooters to manual motorcycles, we cater to everyone’s needs. At A Pao, we maintain a fleet of over 100 motorbikes available for rental at any given time. Our selection includes various models that we consider the best for exploring Moc Chau.

We have established an extensive network of contacts to assist travelers in any situation. There is no driving challenge in this spectacular country that we haven’t encountered and managed.

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Reserve in advance. Pickup the reserved model. Pre-auth Deposit, rental by card or cash


Great views, amazing locals and reliable motorbikes. Breakdown support, damage waivers and clear contracts/instructions


Return the motorbike to a A Pao office and be on your way within five minutes. Easy and quick with the hope of no drama

Our Motobikes


200.000 VND per Day


150.000 VND per Day


100.000 VND per Day

Your Ride, Your Adventure  in Moc Chau